• Are you ready to heal and grow?

  • Do you want to try both Western psychological tools and Eastern spiritual interventions for healing?

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If you’ve suffered with anxiety, depression or trauma for a long time and are taking the first steps to heal, congratulations on your courage.  I can offer you help with both Western psychological tools such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR; and Eastern spiritual interventions such: as Mindfulness, Living in the Moment and Meditation.  Whether you want to work onthe psychological level or the spiritual level or both, I can help you.   I have appointments available for new clients: sometimes the same day you call, sometimes within a few days.  

It’s not complicated to heal from psychological suffering or even to uncover your spiritual nature, deeper than the ego: it just takes commitment, like any learning process.

If you want a psychologist, spiritual mentor, or both, I can offer you expert help to:

  • significantly reduce your anxiety, depression and trauma symptoms,
  • find ways to be more comfortable in your own skin,
  • discover the important basics of self-care (eating, sleeping and exercise)
  • live in the present moment,
  • understand your spiritual nature,
  • develop permanent mindfulness,
  • and  integrate your spiritual nature with your every day life.

Many resources for understanding the spiritual discovery process are located in my blog, called “Being the Mystery” which you can access by clicking on “Blog: Being the Mystery” immediately above the photographs on this Home Page!

I work clients interested in psychological therapy or spiritual mentoring in my office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

For U.S. and international clients who are interested in spiritual mentoring, I offer confidential video-conference sessions around the world and accept payments through PayPal or by credit card; rates are offered on a sliding scale depending on your verified income.  

I focus my work with you through several  “lenses” or specialties:

Helping you to heal from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and traumatic, painful experiences.

This is the process of discovering and learning:

  • how you can feel physically and emotionally better by unwinding the tension inherent in untreated emotional pain, especially longstanding anxiety and depression
  • what painful experiences have done to your view of the world, including any history of abuse or neglect (including sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, physical neglect, and/or emotional neglect)
  • how you’ve coped with what pain and/or trauma have done to your brain and body (you’ve probably tried to soothe and regulate yourself in many different ways),
  • how you can change your view of yourself, others, and the world by examining how your views have been influenced by your painful experiences.

I recommend simple body-based techniques, easy meditation practices, mindfulness, mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and non-pharmacological interventions that can help loosen the grip of anxiety, depression and trauma on your body. When important for your recovery, I will also help you to find a psychiatrist for an evaluation and treatment with pharmacological interventions.

Helping You with Career Issues.

Many professionals struggle to balance work and life.  Psychological issues are at ‘play’ in the workplace all the time.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to learn what’s going on under the surface?  I’ve worked on professional workplace issues, career challenges, career development and finding new careers throughout my years of practice.

Helping you to discover your spiritual nature and integrate it with your everyday life.

This is the process of the total integration of all aspects of the human condition: Shadow, Persona, Ego, Body, and the Transcendent Self, sometimes called Consciousness or Pure Awareness.   In this work, you learn to live from a deeper place than your ego or egotism.  In this process, we work with The Shadow and Persona, which are both aspects of the Ego and must be recognized so as not to cause unconscious suffering, or keep you from understanding and living as the deeper Being.

A critical part of this path is the elimination of your false suffering and the acceptance of the real suffering and limitations of being a human body that has a finite lifespan.  It is time to challenge your cynical assumptions about spirituality and shatter the ‘glass ceiling’ of spiritual goals.  I can help you do this.

Offering trustworthy credentials.

picture of Jonathan Labman

I have the therapeutic credentials that will help you to feel safe working with me:

  • a license as a Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania,  #PC005696
  • two special certification in Trauma Treatment, one from the Trauma Center of Justice Resources Institute (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Joseph Spinazzola and staff), and one with Dr. Bruce Perry (Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics)
  • many years of experience working with people with a history of trauma who self-medicate with addictions,  (though I only work with people who are currently in recovery, clean for at least three months)
  • and expertise to help you with problems of anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder etc.

Along with the traditional credentials, I have the appropriate ‘esoteric’ credentials to go with helping you move into a thorough exploration of your own spirituality.  I have worked with many spiritual teachers (names available on request).

Introductory Consultation

Please email or call me today for an introductory consultation at or  phone me at 267-454-8034.  Though you do pay for this introductory session, the first session is an exploration to decide if you and I make a good therapeutic and/or spiritual ‘team.’  If not, I can suggest other therapists or spiritual mentors; if we decide we’re a good team, we’ll create a schedule for regular weekly or bi-weekly or monthly visits.  I have a beautiful office at a meditation center in Doylestown, PA where you can feel safe and welcome.  See more information about the facility at

For more information about my approach see the weblog above: Being the Mystery.  Also, on February 9, 2018 I published a book called Simply Awake, which is a brief introduction to my approach to spirituality and psychology.  You’ll find Kindle and paperback versions available at 

I am only accepting new insurance clients from Aetna and BlueCross/BlueShield companies.  Otherwise, I’m moving to a private pay model, and will be taking private pay clients on a sliding scale rate starting at $100 for 45-minute sessions or  $125 for 60-minute sessions. 

I am also accepting members into my new “Dissolving Stress” Groups. See the Groups page for details.