• Are you ready to heal and grow?

  • Do you want to try both Western psychological tools and Eastern spiritual interventions for healing?

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Are you tired of identifying yourself with your problems, as if they are your entire identity?  Do you feel like most people operate from a series of formulas and no one sees or hears YOU?  Do you want help with your entire life, not just your mind?

I can offer you expert help to:

  • significantly reduce your anxiety, depression and trauma symptoms,
  • be more comfortable in your own skin,
  • rediscover the important basics of self-care (eating, sleeping and exercise)
  • live in the present moment,
  • understand your spiritual nature,
  • develop permanent mindfulness,
  • and integrate your spiritual nature with your everyday life.

I offer sessions that integrate your: body, emotions, and thoughts.  Our work will help you to discover the Awareness that is the deepest part of you.  The sessions help you to learn that you don’t have to be afraid of your body and its desires, and you don’t have to be afraid of your deepest, darkest emotions.  Your emotions are the way that your brain tells you that change is needed.

Learn to trust yourself again, to challenge the thoughts that bind and trouble you, and are largely false.  A lot of emotion is based on false thoughts which you take to be real.  All that emotion is unnecessary suffering.  Learn how to separate false thoughts and the emotions they cause, from your brain and body’s deeper intuitive wisdom about what is actually nourishing for you.

On a deeper level, cut through the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that you use to identify yourself, and learn to identify as the Awareness that is aware of all that arises in your perception and experience.  Identifying with your deepest and truest identity as Awareness, will allow many of the dysfunctional and repetitive patterns in your life to fade away.

My goal is to become obsolete, by empowering you to become your own authority and your own arbiter of reality.  I do this by using different therapeutic tools from the East and West: deep listening, intuition, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge your thoughts, practicing Presence, Mindfulness, and suggestions for physical changes to make your life whole.

If you come as a private client, not using insurance, I will take no notes and there will be no diagnosis, and no record of our work together except the change in your sense of yourself.  Private Pay Sessions are 1 hour in length, and the fee is $90-150/hour depending on your income (income verification required).

For insurance clients, I will take only the most cursory notes to meet their requirements.  I accept only Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield policies with their contracted rates; sessions for insurance clients are 45-50 minutes.  Aetna will also allow a one-hour session.

You can pay co-pays and/or fees with cash, check or credit card (a 2% surcharge applies for credit card use).

Many resources for understanding the spiritual discovery process are located in my blog, called “Being the Mystery” which you can access by clicking on “Blog: Being the Mystery” immediately above the photographs on this Home Page.

Introductory Consultation

Please email or call me for an introductory consultation at or  267-454-8034.  Though you do pay for this introductory session, the first session is an exploration to decide if you and I make a good ‘team.’  If not, I can suggest other therapists or spiritual mentors.  If we decide we’re a good team, we’ll create a schedule for regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits.  I do require a commitment to regular sessions, they lead to the best results.  I have a beautiful office at a meditation center in Doylestown, PA where you can feel safe and welcome.  See more information about the facility at

I am also accepting members into my new “Dissolving Stress” Groups. See the Groups page for details.  I’m in the process of starting new evening groups starting at 7PM on weekdays.