Since you’re looking for a therapist and/or spiritual mentor, you’re probably tired of your current level of suffering.  Entertainment, diversions, addictive substances, addictive processes, and relationships don’t stop you from suffering.  Neither do self-help books, one-day seminars, or promises of instant ‘cure-alls.’  From my personal and professional experience, coming into a condition called diversely: Fundamental Well-being, or being Awake, or becoming Enlightened will be the actual solution to your problems.  I offer individual and Group sessions, and have groups of 5 to 8 people running every weekday evening from 7 to 8:30pm plus Fridays from Noon to 1:30pm, As of 1/20/2020, I am forming groups on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (they meet every other week) and Fridays during the day.

For real help, there needs to be an ax laid to the root of what causes you suffering.  These are false beliefs, and ideas about: yourself, others, what you can expect from our culture, and the future.  You’re taught to believe that you have a permanent identity called the ego, and that if you pursue its desires and avoid its dislikes, you’ll be happy.  How has that worked for you so far?  The ego is a mirage and so will always leave you feeling fundamentally empty or hollow or false, if you identify with it.

In my Transpersonal Psychology practice, I work to lay bare the roots of the ego, and to show you there is a different way to live.  You can live a mindful, present-oriented life, where unnecessary suffering is gradually banished.  This includes any suffering due to depression, anxiety, and past painful experiences (sometimes called “traumas”).

In our work together, I’ll introduce you to spiritual and psychological interventions that will help move you towards freedom: mindfulness practice, meditation practice, thought-busting (challenging thoughts that appear true but, are lies), making unconscious ‘programs’ within you conscious, and examining the patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that produce so much suffering.  We’ll also talk about the current culture,  its many contributions to the suffering in your life, and how to begin to create meaningful culture in your community.  I have 20 years of experience as a therapist now, 18 years in the condition of Fundamental Well-being, and therefore can offer you a deep level of expertise.

Your own commitment to self-examination requires weekly or bi-weekly or monthly therapy meetings, or spiritual mentoring sessions, and significant practice or ‘home-work’ which you do between sessions.  Change doesn’t occur without effort but, your efforts will pay off to decrease your suffering more than you can imagine.

My goal is to become obsolete in your life: you don’t need to be coming to a therapist and/or spiritual mentor permanently, nor should you.  I’m here to teach you how to understand yourself, ‘be your own boss,’ ‘wake up,’ and eventually live without therapy or spiritual guidance.  Many of my clients find that therapy doesn’t need to last a long time: they deal with their issues, learn about their emotional and spiritual lives, learn to manage them, and move on.  As a result, I sometimes have openings in my practice: I don’t keep clients in treatment for longer than they need it.  I actively encourage people to decrease treatment frequency and learn to ‘fly on their own.’

Come in for an introductory consult.  I’m usually accepting private pay and Aetna policyholders for full hour sessions.  I occasionally open my practice to those with Keystone East, Independence Blue Cross, or other BlueCross/BlueShield policies, those companies pay for 45 minute sessions.  As of 1/20/2020 my practice has space for a few individuals with Aetna insurance and for those paying privately.  I’m creating a waiting list for BlueCross/BlueShield clients willing to wait until late February 2020 for individual work.

As above, I do have groups called “Discovering Enlightenment” that are forming on Tuesday and Wednesday  evenings from 7 to 8:30pm, and one on Fridays at Noon.  If you’d like to get started on your spiritual journey, contact me to join a group.  (See the Groups page for more details.)  Please note, the group fee is $40 per meeting and is not covered by insurance.)