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The Spontaneous Act

The Spontaneous Act

Some time ago, I discovered that my actions are nearly always spontaneous.  There is a vibration (skanda, in Sanskrit, I believe) in the body that comes from Awareness Itself and moves outwards towards an action.  Creating my recent book was such an action.  Though I had been working on bits and pieces of it for a while, two weeks ago I had an urge to finish the book.  Five minutes ago (two weeks later), the printed copies are sitting on the desk in the office where I’m writing this blog.

If you look carefully, you’ll become aware of, and be able to follow these arising vibrations or impulses: to move, to rest, to eat, to drink, to feed the chickens, to collect the eggs, to play with the dog, to create a new work of art, to exercise…to give to others, to love, to wake up.  If the impulse doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, why not go with it and see what happens?

Usually the mind and its false thoughts and FEARS get in the way.  Whenever I write, it’s tempting to listen to the thoughts that say things like the following statements:

  • ‘You are Awareness and so is everything else, why bother writing?’
  • ‘No one will read your book or your blog, so why bother?’
  • ‘People who read your book and your blog will be nasty and critical so why bother?’
  • ‘You’re going to make mistakes and it won’t be perfect, so why bother?

I’m certain some people have been nasty and critical because I’ve already experienced that.  I have no idea what will come in the future, however, or how people will respond to this individual expression of Awareness going forward (be it verbal, written, written in blog form or in book form).  The courage to allow the expression of Awareness, is itself an expression of Awareness.  The ability to counteract false thoughts and fears with the truth, typically expressed as ‘I don’t know’ is also a gift of Awareness.  All this comes from being Simply Awake.  How wonderful when I (and you) can listen to this Awareness and not let false thoughts and the fear they cause, get in the way of spontaneous action.water as spontaneous act

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Being Love in a World That Needs You

loving the homelessBeing Love in a World that Needs You

It’s amazing to me how little ‘news’ is published in major newspapers, on broadcast networks, and in general about the ordinary acts of kindness that people do in the world.  It would be easy to assume that humans are only capable of hostility, hatred, greed, lust and conflict by reading, listening or watching the news.  It would be difficult to see love in its many forms.

Yet, if we look around, we find lots of love, kindness and compassion in every day interactions among people.  It’s my experience that this is where spiritual transformation finally brings me: being an ordinary person, having ordinary interactions with other people, and bringing: kindness, grace, love, peace, healing and Truth into as many of those interactions as possible.

It would be wise for me to consider that Grace produces Awakening as the Mystery, not just for my own benefit but, for the opportunity to be of service to Mystery.  Awakening as this ‘little mystery’ makes it possible to be consciously serving the Big Mystery in each small interaction (although quite imperfectly).  In other words, it’s fine to enjoy being awake but, the love that is manifesting for the Rest of the Mystery that I am part of, is to be shared with ‘The Rest of It.’ as I call the Divine that is seemingly ‘outside of’ this bodymind.  I have no idea what love will produce in any of its forms but, its result is not my business.  Opening the love that arises in this heart for the Rest of the Mystery is my business.  Even the smallest action, done in love, may have an impact beyond imagining.