Stress Busting Group: Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapyto Dissolve Anxiety

Anxiety seems to proliferate in our era of social media and crazy government.  Clients who have issues with anxiety often have social anxiety as well. If you can muster up the courage to come to a group, I can offer you two powerful tools to dissolve anxiety: meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (which I call ‘Thought Busting’).  Come join a group of people who are interested in learning to live life more mindfully and in the present moment.  You will learn to meditate, to ‘bust thoughts’ and to get more comfortable in a group of new people (useful in your professional and personal life.  The group will run for one hour per week, for a total of 8 weeks, one evening per week (likely Tuesdays, as of this writing on 10/20/17).  The Cost is $40/week and insurance will not cover this…it is a private pay group.  

Supervision Groups for Master’s Degree holders (48 or 60 credits) looking to become Licensed Professional Counselors in Pennsylvania and Licensed Clinicians who’d like supervision or consultation.

It can be very lonely being a therapist.  Since many agencies no longer provide individual or group supervision towards licensing, I am offering groups for Master’s degree holders (Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, etc.) who want to become Licensed Professional Counselors.  Groups will meet weekly at a mutually-convenient time for those enrolled (minimum of 3 people for 60 to 90 minutes).  Groups will cover diverse topics including: ethics, scheduling, transference and counter-transference, with a special focus on how a professional responds emotionally to the challenges clients can bring to the therapeutic relationship.  Each member will be asked to present one client (anonymously, of course) each week.  The fee is only $30 per person, each week for 60 minutes.  Weekly supervision group will start in Autumn 2016, as soon as 3 people have signed up (I have two as of 9/18/2017).  The cost for group supervision is $30 per week.  Weekly individual supervision is also available for $60 per session.