Retreats: At Unity Barn, Doylestown, PA



The next half-day Meditation Retreats will be offered at the Unity Barn on Saturday May 18th, 2019 from 9AM to 1PM.   The cost is $50 per person.  If you bring your ‘significant other’ or a friend, the 2 of you come for $90.

Are you interested in deepening your meditation practice and asking questions about your spiritual path?  Are you tired of jumping through ‘spiritual hoops’ trying to get answers in online formats, and other impersonal venues?

This is an opportunity to uncover your true spiritual nature….like a sculptor uncovering a unique shape in a block of stone.  In a question and answer format (sometimes called Satsang, meaning in the company of truth) you and I will look at what needs to be revealed in order for you to be Yourself.

Sometimes you don’t fit ‘neatly’ into a spiritual or religious tradition or were never drawn towards a particular one; sometimes you do.  To facilitate growth for you and others like you, I’m offering this unique half-day event.

This is an opportunity to join real people, rather than making unsatisfying ‘virtual’ connections.  The group energy is fun, and also serves to take you deeper in your personal meditation practice.  We’ll do sitting and walking meditations (weather permitting), interspersed question-and-answer sessions.  As the morning goes on, meditation sessions will move from 5-minutes long to 30-minutes long, so you’ll get a taste for the quality of longer meditations.

Maximum group size is 20, and minimum is 4.  Bring a snack and a beverage in a spill-proof container.  Wear comfortable clothes.  If you like to meditate on the floor, bring a meditation cushion or ‘backjack.’

To register, contact Jonathan Labman via or 267-454-8034.

I will also travel to your location for groups larger than 10 people.  (I have led Corporate Retreats before.)

Suggested reading is my short book:  Simply Awake: Spiritual Enlightenment, the Simplest Thing.  Find it in Kindle or paperback formats on  This will give you a summary of my perspective.

I hope to see you there,