Retreats in Buckingham, PA



You’re invited to join me and other participants, for a 4-hour meditation retreat on Saturday April 4th.  We’ll meet at my new office in Buckingham from 9:30AM to 1:30PM.  It’s a great way to deepen your practice in the SPRING, the time for new beginnings.  The intention of each group member to meditate deeply, helps all other members: the group energy has the potential to deepens everyone’s practice.

We’ll meditate for a total of 160 minutes out of the 240 minutes scheduled.  We’ll do four 40-minute meditations, and in-between there will be 20-minute breaks to ask questions, go for a walk, etc.

This is a rare opportunity to do a lot of long meditations, without the expense of traveling far away to a retreat center.  The January 2020 retreat proved that people can meditate for this long; and the long meditations can deepen your practice significantly, especially combined with the energy of a group.

The cost will be $40 per person.  Please bring a check made out to “Simply Awake LLC” or bring cash.

You may bring your own backjack, zafu, or meditation cushion.  There are two sofas, and four chairs available.

Please arrive by 9:15am, drive straight back from the traffic light past Silverman Gallery and find the standalone building at the back of the parking lot.   There is a semi-private entrance at the right, back corner as you face the building.  Once in the door, my office is the first one on the right, Office D.   Wear comfortable clothing and layers, to adjust for your own temperature comfort.  Please bring any beverages in closed, spill-proof, containers.

To register, please email me via: There is an option to go out to lunch together afterwards at Cross Culture in the Buckingham Green Shopping Center.