Saturday Satsangs (Monthly)

Satsang comes from the Sanskrit language; “sat” means truth, and “sangha” is loosely defined as company or community. So altogether this means “meeting in the company of others seeking the truth.” I will host and facilitate these meetings. They will include 25 to 30 minutes of silent meditation, followed by participants’ questions regarding spiritual life, the path to discovering spiritual Enlightenment, and other related issues. I will offer answers to your questions but, also open up discussion for the group to share their individual experiences with you. I’m hoping to create kind and lively discussions about these issues.

Real community, that is people sitting together in one place and talking together openly about life, is rarely created anymore. Instead we have ‘virtual community’ which allegedly has us relating to people all over the world via Internet chat groups, texting and email. However, often ‘virtual community’ evaporates when you need it, or the discussions turn into a caustic set of insulting comments, rather than a true communication of ideas in an open and loving format. Local satsang is one way to remedy this cultural issue. As a sangha, we will also choose a quarterly community service project, and coordinate participation in something needed to serve the needs of the local community or environment.

At the request of current students who attended the New Year’s Retreat on January 4th, 2020, I’m creating this monthly Satsang meeting, so that those unable to attend weekday groups, or those in such groups who are wishing for more discussion and communication with other people who are interested in Enlightenment, may ‘drop in’ and join in a meditation and discussion. There is no commitment to attend on a monthly basis, and no set fee, just a suggested minimum donation of $5. (See below.)

At this time, the following Satsangs have been planned and will occur at the Unity Barn Meditation Hall until the end of February 2020, and then at the new Buckingham Office:

January 25th

February 29th at Unity Barn

March 28th at Buckingham, see tab on Move

April 25th at Buckingham

May 23rd at Buckingham

June… to be determined.

There is a minimum suggested donation of $10 to support the teacher and the office space. We also may collect special donations if our quarterly community projects need funding for materials of any kind. Those monies will be accounted for and receipts kept. Transparency is important.